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Flaming Trapeze is here to provide you with stories that excite, empower, and enliven. With an emphasis on the strangeness of life and dreams, the experimentation of style and genre, and a goal of including more LGBTQ+ perspectives and backgrounds, Flaming Trapeze will offer the first steps toward a deeper video game experience.



As a young boy growing up in a town with no roads out, left to my own devices, I discovered a love of storytelling. It was the folktales of sacred cultures, local legends, and ancient myth that kept me company. Paired with a father who loves horror movies and an escape from a tough high school period into video games, this led me down the developer path, and to the creation of Flaming Trapeze Game Studio, right in the center of downtown Sacramento, California. This company is the culmination of obsessions with stories through paintings, novels, podcasts, scripts, and now, video games.




Executive Art Director


Traditional Artist, Programmer, Designer, Writer, Sign Language Interpreter, Juggler, Horror Connoisseur, Puppy Dog Lover.

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