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The best way to support our studio and help get our games out there is to check back on this page to see updates about our Kickstarter campaigns! As we move forward and improve our video games, we may need to rely on the help of our community, so any little bit helps!

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Support Us on Patreon!

We now have a Patreon page! Patreon allows an easy medium for you (as a supporter of our work) to make a monthly donation to our cause! We have five tiers:

  •  Supporter (1$)

  • Fan (5$)

  • Friend (10$)

  • Game Producer (25$)

  • and GOD (50$).

We'd love any support we can get, and each tier comes with special rewards as we move forward on our game development journey!

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We are so excited to announce our current Kickstarter campaign for our premier title, "The Strange Story of Finneas!" Kickstarter is another way you can help fund individual projects. It's also an amazing gage for our team as we get feedback and comments about what you are looking forward to seeing from our projects! Come check out the campaign, and know that certain donations amounts come with some fun rewards, along with early access to our game. We would, as always, greatly appreciate any amount of support you can provide, so click the button below to check out our campaign.


We promise not to bombard you with emails. This is just to sign up for our monthly updates, where you'll see news of our crowdfunding efforts, and get updates on our game development progress.

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Mailing List

Thank you, and we'll send you some updates very soon!

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