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Chasing That Excitement

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

I’m excited!!!

That’s not too terribly surprising to anyone who knows me. I like to smile and laugh and I’ve trained myself pretty well to forget things, so when I remember them, I get a little burst of excitement from remembering.

But this is a new venture! And I’m terrified, too!

I’ve just loved games since forever. I think it was A&W that I remember sitting down at this large table, with a root beer in one of those textured, red plastic cups, waiting for our food, when the table lit up. It started playing sounds and I remember being in awe at the fact that somehow, someone had magically engineered this table to also be a Pacman arcade game.

I remember sneaking away from my bedroom at night to watch my mom and uncle play A Link to the Past, and when I tried to play it, I couldn’t figure out how to work the SNES.

I remember my excitement at playing the Sonic on the Sega Genesis for the first time, and when I was gifted a gameboy, I learned that a blanket over a lamp hides the light so my parents wouldn’t find out I was up all night playing Pokemon, but the lamp could also singe a hole in the blanket. It was Monkey Island, and Ocarina of Time after that, then Final Fantasy, then Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

And sometimes, after grinding for hours and hours to beat a certain boss, or when I’d want to throw my controller, it my own head that would say “Why are you playing this?”

It wasn’t until the Tlingit storyhouse back home in Juneau, Alaska that I started a secondary, more internal conversation about it. It was stories. They fascinated me. The visuals, the songs, the dialogue, the smells, the dances, the fire, the smoke, the laughter, the crying, the shouting and the singing. It was all this fully encompassing activity. And video games is a part of that for me.

Sure, Pacman doesn’t have the densest story, and Tetris may only be about blocks and puzzles. But it was the chase for me. It was the search. We look for things in stories, adventures, epics, myths, legends. We search. Video games is another avenue to that. Sure, it has components of play and challenge. But I’m so excited about that company because I get to tell stories, and as this company grows, we as a team will get to tell even more and more.

Speaking of which!

I’d like to introduce a great friend and an awesome human, and Flaming Trapeze’s new (and first) Creative Director, Leah Do!

Leah and I have known each other for a few years now, and we’ve grown close thanks to the BFA program at the CSUS (California State University, Sacramento). She’s a stellar person, and is already working her butt off trying to help get this company off of the ground.

So yeah. I’m excited as all get out. And scared. And nervous. And happy. And pumped. And ready.

Flaming Trapeze is growing, and we’re only going to get bigger, better, and will continue to provide you with stories as best we can.

So keep an eye out on our socials! We’ve got some pretty wicked cool stuff coming out soon, and our premier game, The Strange Story of Finneas!

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