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First Steps

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

To admit that these past few years have been rough would be an understatement.

But here I am, posting the first blog entry on my own website, for a company I’m carving out by hand, to sell games that I’ve been wanting to make for years. Some of these stories came out of a time in my life that was equally as bad as the pandemic, and I hold them close because they sort of kept me warm, in an odd, morbid kind of way. So finally getting these works out in the public sphere is quite exciting for me.

I’ve also wanted to make games since I was a child. Silent Hill was a huge inspiration to me, and really turned me on to the abstract artists that springboarded off of the turn of the 19th into the 20th century. Playing games became more and more involved, eventually leading to an art program here in Sacramento so that I can design characters, or environments, or at the very least sketch out some concepts for better artists to work off of.

And this is the spearhead towards some of these fueled goals I’ve been dreaming of. The endless nights of novel writing, script developing, story reciting, and open-mic performing have given way to delving into another form of stories.

I’m excited for this venture, and I hope you all will join me on this excursion. I’ll be posting these sort of journal entries from now on, showing our process and how things are progressing, so keep an eye on this blog section throughout the month. And if you’re reading this, thank you for your time. Can’t wait for the first game to come out!!!



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1 Comment

I’m so happy for you and to see your dream coming true! Getting to watch you grow up in Chico for those years that you and your family were there was super fun. I’m proud of you for working so hard to get this website and your game off to a good start; and will support you however I can.

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